Islamic Art of War

In this age of conflict and confusing thoughts, it is imperative to have a correct assessment.

This book is an analysis of Islamic Art of War – an interpretation of Islamic desire to conquer and their attitude to terrorism. The book deals with the concept of deception as contained in the holy books of the Islam; and the way it has been practiced through the ages. The thesis is supported by quotations from the Quran it self as well as from the writings of the Muslim scholars. The vision of Islam as a religion of peace is debunked by this revealing and penetrating study that is based on the Muslim writings. The actions of Mohammed himself have been analysed apart from the examination of the scriptures to show the perfidy and terrorism practiced and preached.


A Must Read Book for Those Who Want to be Themselves

Technology of Being Human

This collection of essays is designed to enable human beings think for themselves, rather than be confined to stereotypes being good or bad. It is an exhortation to make readers think as alive, pulsating, rational and logical human beings; as individuals having their own peculiar characteristics, rather than think as a part of the herd. The human beings are suggested ways and appropriate means to start coming out of the rut that is created by irrational thoughts and beliefs. The centuries-old concepts have no validity and need to either discarded or adapted to make individuals representative of what are really destined to be. The book also has some essays that are in fact a step-by-step guide. The purpose is to ensure that once you start the process of mental regeneration in a disciplined and definitive manner, then it is possible and probable for you to emerge as a being whose personality is not circumscribed, but is in full bloom.
Why Read “Technology of Being Human”?

· To Develop High EQ, Emotional Quotient to control stress
· To have a differentiating trait to stand apart in a crowd
· The best jobs for your brain, the jobs that keep your brain sharp in late 90s
· To make a lasting first impression, decisive factor for success
· To learn not to be always nice, nice people are losers
· To learn to choose the right persons to mingle with
· To learn to discard words that can harm your credibility
In nutshell, tools to carve an impressive personality
Readers Opine
“I read Technology of Being Human on Kindle, found it instructive and bought print copy- and not one, but 12 copies- one for myself and 11 for my nephews and nieces. This book is a sort of bible for becoming an assertive personality and a must read for all, especially youth in their formative years”. Dorothy Watkins, Wisconsin.
Dear Bikram Lamba Ji,
I applaud the publication of your wonderful book on “Being Human”. It’s a good reminder to look on the humorous side of our daily challenges.Front cover
I have shared some of your stories with my own family / children / friends and we have all found delight in them.
Thank you for sharing with us and I trust your book will soon be on the best seller list.
Warm Regards
Surinder Singh, Founder Chairman, Indo-Canada Education Council

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