Muslim Brotherhood’s World Domination Blueprint

Muslim Brotherhood favors world domination. And this brotherhood is a favorite of Obama. What a contradiction. The loudly proclaimed Christian President of a secular country is clearly supportive of fundamentalist organization that seeks to follow Nazi footsteps, nay seeks to go much beyond it. Unappreciative of Western philosophy, members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood probably never heard an analogy first mentioned by Roman statesman Cicero — “putting the cart before the horse!” For more than two millennia, the phrase has applied to situations of misplaced priorities.

In the aftermath of the Egyptian military removing from office the country’s fifth — and first democratically elected — president, Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood is gaining an education about the phrase.

From its inception in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood has been the subject of persecution due to its commitment to a single goal — transitioning the world into an Islamic empire.

Recognizing Islamism begins at home, the Brotherhood plodded along for more than eight decades under four presidents seeking to achieve the goal in Egypt. Like a race horse heading home, the Muslim Brotherhood’s pace quickened, sensing victory was near with Morsi’s election.

The Muslim Brotherhood saw its gains as “one small step” for Islam and “one giant leap” for Muslim kind.

Not content with small successful steps, it moved to take a giant leap in Egypt. It stumbled and seems headed back to its earlier days of harsh persecution under previous presidents.

A U.S. commercial claims four out of five dentists recommend its product, suggesting the four have superior knowledge to the one who doesn’t. Similarly, four out of five Egyptian presidents have sought to minimize the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence, suggesting they possess superior knowledge as to why it poses a danger — one clearly recognized by the Egyptian military.

That danger was set aside in 2011 by U.S. President Barack Obama, who announced the United States would work with the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization seeking America’s long-term demise.

Morsi was the Muslim Brotherhood’s “poster boy,” coming to office because the Brotherhood was the only domestic organization with the infrastructure in place to support a candidate.

While proving inept as president, failing to act upon major domestic problems like the economy, Morsi chose to help the Muslim Brotherhood establish a stranglehold on the people. No attempt was made to lull the people into a false sense of security as Morsi put the cart before the horse, quickly seeking to impose the Muslim Brotherhood’s will upon them. Compared to the former Soviet Union, Morsi sought neither glasnost nor perestroika.

What the Muslim Brotherhood had planned for Egypt extended far beyond those borders.

In the early 1990s, the Brotherhood memorialized its strategy in a secret document — not discovered until 2004 — for spreading Islam’s reach to U.S. borders as well. In a game plan best described as “Shariah creep,” it sought to introduce Islamic law into the United States, gradually getting it to replace rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Sound absurd? We have already seen Shariah applied by U.S. state courts!

The Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy mandated Muslims immigrate to the United States, ignoring its “mixing bowl” of cultures concept by non-assimilation. In this way, Muslims remained pure in their efforts to go forth and multiply, gaining more and more influence in the United States.

The idea of a large, non-assimilated Muslim population gaining influence on foreign shores has long been promoted by leaders such as Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan who once said, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes are our helmets, the minarets are our swords and the faithful are our army.”

There is little doubt what role such leaders envision for their “army.”

One example of a state court applying Shariah involved a Muslim husband accused of raping his Muslim wife. Arguing that Shariah allows a husband to forcefully impose himself upon a non-consenting wife, he was found not guilty.

One can only wonder how long it will be before such rationale is applied to Muslim defendants killing a family member, declaring their innocence under the Islamic concept of “honor killings.”

The Muslim Brotherhood game plan involves initially using “peaceful” jihad to impose Shariah, playing on the concept of political correctness to maximize their stature while minimizing U.S. values. Once achieved, having lulled Americans into a false security, “violent” jihad follows.

The Muslim Brotherhood has set up dozens of “front companies” in the United States to launch peaceful jihad. They wave the flag of Islamophobia whenever concerns are raised about rising Islamic influence over-riding valued U.S. principles.

Such flag-waving has enabled one front company to play a role in advising the U.S. military whom it should accept as a religious leader within its ranks — preaching a religion promoting Muslim superiority and death to non-believers.

When New York City ran an ad on buses showing pictures of 16 criminals wanted for terrorist activity, a Muslim Brotherhood front company objected to the image portrayed as all were Muslims. It succeeded in getting the city to remove the ad.

All this leaves one with mixed emotions. The violence demonstrated by the Egyptian military against Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood supporters is worrisome but so, too, is the impact an unfettered Brotherhood would have not only in Egypt but elsewhere as well.

We must recognize the Muslim Brotherhood is the Sunni equivalent of Iran. Just as the Iranian clerics established a secure environment in which to flourish and export violence to spread its Shiite version of Islam, this too remains the Brotherhood’s goal.

There is one big difference, however. Tehran’s clerics were successful because they ensured they operated out of a secured homeland before launching jihad. But the Muslim Brotherhood became so enthralled with initial domestic success; they failed to do the same. It was only the army’s recognition of the Brotherhood’s true intentions that prompted it to decapitate a civilian leadership dedicated to opening wider the door to the Muslim Brotherhood’s increased influence.

The Egyptian army’s actions have taught the Muslim Brotherhood the meaning of putting the cart before the horse. Does it mean that the aims of Muslim Brotherhood have undergone a change? They are still assertive, especially since they have a great ally in White House, whom till now they dubbed Great Satan. 

Quebec Upsetting the Apple Cart

The minority government in Quebec is upsetting the politically correct applecart and causing a flutter in the hen coop by banning all religious symbols. Banning these symbols is welcome, but isn’t the action going a bit too far. Along with symbols that can be offensive and dangerous, the government seeks to ban even those symbols that are in no way dangerous and are most inoffensive – I mean, the Christian Cross, the Jewish Kippa and the turban.

On April 19, 2010 , I wrote on CNN  ( that we live in an era of aggressive pre-emptive measures, when airline travellers can no longer bring bottled water on to a plane, or  carry umbrellas into a stadium The ingenuity of those with mayhem on the brain – shoe bombers, undies bombers, crazed alchemists mixing up explosive liquids from chicken soup and nitro-glycerine – has compelled security agencies to restrict so much of what once seemed harmless, X-ray peering right into our entrails There is a historical context for the kirpan, its use arising from necessity centuries ago.

Symbolism has now replaced necessity, and baptized male Sikhs wear a kirpan, along with the turban. But most of the symbols have just become not very relevant. They are as archaic as burqa or cross.   All faiths have some symbol, as harmless symbols can not be equated with symbols that can be used as deadly weapons.

But a dagger used to stab a man in Brampton – which is hardly the Punjab of 1708 – has made this, once again, a matter of communal, secular concern.

Way back the Kirpan was 3 feet long and then 6 inches long. If it is a mere symbol, why not have one just one inch long and use it as a pendant, much like a Cross. After all nobody carries a huge cross on the shoulder to show one’s Christian affiliation. Or why not have one made of plastic, instead of sharp steel.

As an aside, it’s interesting to note that Bill 94, proposed by Quebec Premier Jean Charest to ban face coverings for Muslim women in Quebec, with accommodation specifically denied for reasons of “security, communication or identification,” does not outlaw the kirpan. Why the differentiation. May be political expediency, but definitely discriminatory.

In the new order we have to do away with symbols that are an anathema to the security and safety.  We need to overhaul the system of religious temples as well as have a new fresh look at our attitudes and mindsets. Is it asking too much for the sake of peace and tranquillity?

But is kippa, cross or turban a danger to security?  Definitely not.

 The Quebec new policy is s being created under the euphemistically named “Charter of Quebec Values.” Although Quebec must be respected for its unique cultural heritage, it must be remembered that the values of multiculturalism and respect for the cultures and religions of others must be respected as truly uniting Canadian values. Furthermore, this policy is being proposed under the guise of secularism — this is, of course, the official reason for this draconian legislation.

Moving away from the official explanation for this proposed legislation, it must be clear that this is simply a political wedge issue proposed by a party with a set of ideologies that reject Canadian values and is clearly attempting to gain votes through a policy of division.
If this wasn’t such an important issue for the whole country, it would be easy to ignore it as a simple attempt to gain votes. However, the implications of this wedge issue must be examined to appreciate their potential consequences. This legislation would create a state-sanctioned policy of exclusion that will divide people based on their differences instead of making differences such as race and religion something to be respected and even celebrated.
We only need to look at France, where a similar policy has only created resentment and furthered xenophobic sentiment.
 This potential law is meant to ban overt symbols of all faiths, although exemptions are being made for crucifixes, which will only be banned if they are “highly visible.” It must be mentioned that the Quebec National Assembly has a cross hanging within its chamber. This is not to say there is anything wrong with crosses, only that no one religion should be targeted, something that is an inevitability under this legislation.

Quebec plan to ban religious clothing takes a step forward.  The Parti Quebecois plan on minority accommodations took a big step toward becoming a reality Monday as the party that likely has the swing vote in the legislature backed major parts of it.
The Coalition Avenir Quebec says it agrees that judges, police officers and elementary- and secondary-school teachers should be restricted from wearing religious symbols like veils, hijabs and turbans. However, medical professionals and daycare teachers would be exempt under the CAQ proposal. So would public-sector workers who don’t hold a position of authority. “What we say also is that we should exclude religious signs for employees being in authority, like judges, policemen — and teachers because we think that teachers, they have in front of them children in a vulnerable position. But, that’s it,” Coalition Leader Francois Legault told a news conference.The CAQ’s votes are key because the PQ has only a minority in the legislature and the other big opposition party, the Liberals, is more hostile to the plan.
The emerging consensus in Quebec is that the issue could be a political winner. A poll said 65 per cent of Quebec’s francophones, and 57 per cent of the overall population, agree with the idea. Just 25 per cent of anglophone respondents said they agree. The Leger Marketing poll of 1,000 respondents was conducted over the weekend and has a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.
The major point is why the dress code of certain sections of society should be objected to? As I wrote earlier, I can understand that banning kirpan is fully justified; and so is banning hijab. There is concrete evidence that Kipan is a weapon and hijab has been used to aid terrorists hide themselves. But kippa or cross or turban have no such danger. Kippa and cross are innocent symbols, and turban is more a part of dress code, than a religious symbol. It has been used by diverse communities in India, and not only Sikhs since times immemorial; and it is also been in use in Africa and Middle East. The 18th century Courts in England and France also have seen the wearing of turban.
How does wearing the turban impact negatively the cause of secularism is beyond my comprehension. Just imagine, in case the Sikhs do not wear it, then their unshorn hair would be floating around and may not present a pretty picture. It helps keep them tidy. Secondly in case turban, and also kippa and cross are banned, may be next target shall be salwar kameez worn by South Asian or kimono worn by Japanese and so on- the list is endless.
The potential social impact is equally difficult to gauge. Several medical professionals and daycare workers were featured in news reports last week saying that they would leave Quebec, quit their job, or refuse to comply if ordered to change their clothing.
I’m not religious so I really don’t care one way or the other. The symbols are just social club affiliations to me. But there are clearly a lot of people who think wearing their religion on their sleeve is a god-given right.
The problem I see with this is that there are many forms of religious symbolism that are worn that are essentially entire outfits. I mean, you can tell a Hasidic Jew to take off his hat in doors but what about his beard or side curls? What about henna tattoos? Or Bindi? Is Quebec proposing to have change rooms at the entrance to every public building? What about outdoor workplaces that are amorphous like roadworks?
Ban all symbols that are symbols of slavery and human degradation; ban all symbols that can be offensive or used to create a security issues; but leave the harmless kippa, cross and turban, as they are neither dangerous nor have any implications that go against human values

Homo Sapiens March Towards Insanity

Look around you and what do you find-pettifogging, corrupt and corrupting but politically correct politicians; insensate and steeped in hoary old age superstitions, human beings eating their co-passengers in the public transport; women being burned in the name of honor, wide spread sexual predators who would not spare even toddlers, and mentally sick people mowing down innocent children in educational institutions.  The old sanctified institutions have lost sheen and human values have been debased.

These homo-sapiens have lost the right to be called human beings. Are they mad/ It appears to me that the time is fast approaching when the animals would deride human beings as the most bestial degenerate species.  Helen Caldecott Nobel Peace Prize laureate and a world renowned campaigner against nuclear weapons is not wrong when she says that our species is “mentally sick… The whole society is sick. We are in the grip of a death wish.”  She points out that 1 in 25 people are sociopaths with “no moral conscience’ and these are the people who rise to the top; who are in charge. Isn’t she right? Have we really become insane? There is good reason to believe so. By insane behavior I am referring to avoidable behavior which will result in our own destruction and would be seen as such if we were “in our right minds’.

There are many reasons for the belief that much of our behavior has become insane. Here are some of them.

1. Nuclear Weapons on High Alert — 2000 nuclear weapons are held ready for launch at the press of a button. This could happen by accident, misunderstanding or malicious intent. It came within hours of happening in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It came within seconds of happening when the drunkard President Yeltsin had his finger on the button after being told Russia was under nuclear attack. It could happen now at any time. Is this sane?

2. Nuclear Arsenals — There are seventeen thousand nuclear weapons in existence; enough to incinerate everyone on the planet many times over as well as destroying most of the other nine million species we share the planet with. Is this not an example of insanity?

We are not told the destructive power of the weapons being deployed but we do know, for example, that the 180 B61 American bombs now in Europe can be 30 times more destructive than the Hiroshima bomb. President Obama has recently put $537 million in his 2014 budget proposal (total cost is expected to be $10 billion) to upgrade these bombs and make them more accurate! Each bomb can destroy a major city the size of London or New York. Is this sane? All this is totally unnecessary. A perfectly safe and sane alternative is available – an enforceable treaty banning nuclear weapons. The existence of a feasible sane option compounds the madness.

Harboring arsenals of nuclear weapons undermines our very humanity. As the Nobel Laureate in Literature, Kenzaburo Oe declared “The most terrifying monster lurking in the darkness of Hiroshima is precisely the possibility that man might become no longer human.”

3. Nuclear power and radiation — Contamination from a single failure at Chernobyl spread right across Europe. The struggle to keep the lethal emissions at bay is going on still, 27 years later. At Fukushima three complete meltdowns of reactor cores have been emitting radioactive material for over two years and nobody knows how to stop it. If the wind had been blowing the other way when the disaster started Tokyo would have had to be evacuated and a large part of Japan would have become uninhabitable for 300 hundred years. If another earthquake occurs the cooling ponds of reactor 4 (loaded with fuel rods) could lose their coolant releasing sufficient radiation to pollute the entire northern hemisphere . Two and half years after the triple meltdowns started the general manager of TEPCO, the responsible corporation, announced, referring to the discharge of radioactive cooling water into the sea, “We understand that this discharge is beyond our control and we do not think the current situation is good.”

Humanity is refusing to abandon a technology which can, through a single accident, pollute countries and continents. Is this sane?

4. The Arms Trade — The arms trade fuels the world’s wars. It is a major cause of human suffering. Each year, around $45-60 billion worth of arms sales are agreed. The five permanent members of the UN Security Council (US, Russia, France, United Kingdom and China),  together with Germany and Italy account for around 85% of the arms sold between 2004 and 2011. Most arms sales (something like 75%) are to developing countries. The leaders of selling countries are shameless. Prime Minister Cameron recently led a bevy of arms dealers on a selling spree to Saudi Arabia (the only likely use of weapons sold to the Saudi government will be against their own citizens when the Arab Spring finally arrives). Senior UK Minister Dr Cable took another “defense delegation’ to India. Dr Cable publicly justified the UK government’s behavior by saying if we didn’t do it someone else would. This does not earn a reprieve for other criminal activities like robbing banks. Another common justification is “The arms industry creates jobs’ — jobs for killing people. Can any of this be considered rational behavior by mature human beings? Just imagine that over 270 million people have no swage facility nor have access to clean water and the government still spends billions of useless space exploration and nuclear arms. The same is true of Pakistan and North Korea.

5. Wars — Global military spending is over $1.7 trillion dollars; more that 2/5th of this is by the US. The western powers purport to be peace-loving. The only countries on the planet who currently routinely invade other countries and kill their citizens are the UK and the US.  The western powers claim to be law-abiding. Yet the United Nations forbids armed attack on other states. The 1970 UN Declaration on Principles of International Law declares, “Every State has the duty to refrain in its international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations. Such a threat or use of force constitutes a violation of international law and the Charter of the United Nations and shall never be employed as a means if settling international issues’. Clear enough?

In order to stop terrorism we invade other countries where we think there might be terrorists and slaughter their families. And then we support terrorists come into power. It is like dousing a fire by throwing petrol on it.

Despite thousands of years of experience to the contrary our leaders still behave as though the best way of solving a dispute is to kill the opposition. Isn’t it a case of leaders going berserk and insane.

6. Global Warming — The planet is warming (up 0.8 – F since start of 20th c). The primary cause is human activities such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation. Lowest estimate of rise is 1.1 to 2.9 -C (2 to 5.2  -F); highest estimate 2.4 to 6.4 -C (4.3 to 11.5  -F). Acceptable level of rise is generally considered to be 2.0 -C. Our response is to continue with a system of fossil fuel dependency for billions; a system which is expanding round the globe. A 2012 report in the Guardian states “The first phase of Kyoto, the only international binding treaty on emissions cuts, has failed to slow global carbon emissions’.

A recent World Meteorological Organization Report (WMO) gives current actual trends based on measurements. The report confirms the upward trend of temperatures. The recent decades was the warmest ever recorded for the northern and southern hemispheres? This is true of both land and sea temperatures. The rate of temperature rise in the past two decades has been unprecedented and moreover the rate of sea level rising is accelerating. The extreme weather of recent years which has caused countless deaths is believed, by most meteorologists and climate scientists to be an indicator of what is to come from climate change. 

The fact that climate change is happening and that pollution is a contributing factor has overwhelming scientific support. Yet our species is in a state of denial. There is a lack of political will and denial is encouraged by powerful economic interests.

Excessive increase in global temperature will result in famine, floods, water shortages, large population movements, and land and resource wars. Surely a rational sane world would ensure that this does not happen due to human pollutants by agreeing and imposing necessary limits on polluting emissions.

7. Sociopathic and psychopathic leaders — The gratuitous wars started and waged by the US and UK governments result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Both governments authorize the use of the nuclear agent depleted uranium which deposits radiating materials injurious for thousands of years and which condemn the unborn to a lifetime of suffering. Since the war there has been a huge increase in cancers and the number of deformed babies born in Iraq. In Fallujah doctors have advised women not to have babies because of the terrible risk. Deeds which would be prosecuted as major crimes if performed by citizens are routinely enacted by our leaders yet they take no responsibility for these crimes and exhibit no remorse. They act without conscience; they are sociopaths and, in some cases, psychopaths (occupying the extreme end of the sociopathic range).

Sociopaths and psychopaths are characterized by their lack of empathy; the ability to experience the feelings and emotions of others. Guilt and remorse are a foreign land. They are both irresponsible and have an overblown sense of entitlement. Nothing is ever their fault. All these are characteristic which we can readily recognize among the power elites of our mad world; in politics, in banking, in the world of “defense’.

At one time psychopathology was called moral insanity, an apt term ripe for reinstatement. As stated above 1 in 25 people are sociopaths and, like oil in water they pollute the top layer of society; their ruthless drive facilitates their access to power.

8. Increased Rise in Fundamentalism – The renaissance in Europe was a ray of hope for the people, as rational, humane concepts took precedence over old strangulating, suffocating religious fundamentalism that had given rise to Inquisition. IT was hoped that real human and humane feelings shall permeate the body politic. Unfortunately, all hopes are belied. The rise in Muslim fundamentalism had a domino effect and we find the resurgence of the concepts of dark ages- when human beings are just an object to be exploited, raped, tortured and killed in the name of religion.  The rapidly increasing and successful advent of fundamentalism is a clear sign of onset of madness in home-sapiens and they are becoming worse than rabid animals.

As a matter of fact there seems to be a collusion of political and religious sociopaths to the determinant of human beings and they are very cleverly camouflaging their nefarious actions.  US writer and journalist William Blum declares, in an article referring to ” Washington’s endless bombings and endless wars’ and Kerry’s hounding of whistleblowers, that we are witnessing ” Unlimited power in the hands of psychopaths’ He adds, “My own country truly scares me’ . And when this is combined with the religious rabid desire to enslave, it is clear sign of insanity gone viral.

Corporations which in some cases seem to be more powerful than governments are also reported to suffer from the same malaise. We are told that “People like Thom Hartmann have suggested that to be the head of a fortune 1000 corporation, one must be a sociopath. A researcher on corporate psychopaths puts the numbers between three and 12 percent of managers’. The book “Snakes in Suits’ by the psychologist Robert Hare is about psychopaths in the world of corporations.

The psychopathic behavior of our political, religious and corporate leaders is clear for all to see; but what about us, the citizens. There are very many more of us than there are of them. Why do we tolerate their crimes? Is our passivity not itself a form of madness? It is and that is why we are onward march to madhouse.

Terrible things are habitually done by sociopaths in power; starting and waging unjustified and illegal wars; building vast war machines; creating and threatening to use weapons which incinerate huge populations of innocent people; money-men, by their greed, depriving decent people of their savings and their homes, killing in the name of religion, raping and murdering in the name of honor, sodomising in the name of religious diktat.  Such crimes are so common that the media and trend- setters have come to treat them as normal. They are not normal. They are crimes. We need to find ways of telling citizens the truth so that they might awake in sufficient numbers to demand necessary change and save us from the entire planet’s insanity-led meltdown. Otherwise we are in for global insanity where no one would be safe? 

Liberals – Thy name is Insanity

The sanity of any group can be gauged by the action of that group, especially when they are in a position of authority. Some actions emerge from warped concepts, misunderstood realities- in short senility. The latest action of Ontario Liberals is a pointer; but that is no exception. I have taken it up just as an example. The latest decision of Liberal Government in Ontario shows an utter disregard for the tax-payers.  It is like the behavior of Alice in Wonderland- capricious, and utterly inexplicable. A far-reaching decision by a provincial health board has ruled that OHIP benefits must be extended to visitors to Canada – or even people living here illegally. And the legal immigrants are not given OHIP benefit for first three months.  This is clear encouragement to become illegal immigrant.

And to add insult to injury, this is the same agency that denied a claim for out-of-province care for Oshawa tot Liam Reid, who needed eye surgery in the U.S. Apparently HSARB now believes we should fund OHIP for visitors to Canada. The net result of this action is that visitors to this country have OHIP coverage.

So here’s how it looks: These workers MAY be here illegally receiving both workers’ compensation benefits from the WSIB and OHIP coverage. Or they may be here on visitor visas – in which case they’re here for no other reason than to receive health services, which they receive for free.

Can Ontario afford that? As a tax payer, I cannot. This decision could bankrupt a health system that’s already falling apart at the seams. But this action shows that Kathleen in Queen’s park is an incarnation of Alice in Wonderland.

But this action of Liberals is not an isolated one. It is just symptomatic of their mental attitude and state of mind. I have to admit that some of my best friends are liberals. They are well-meaning people who support abortion, affirmative action, gun control, and a large and proactive role of the federal government in peoples’ lives — all for their own good, of course. These are not evil people; they are friends who

Is it possible to be well adjusted, attractive, educated, successful, and a liberal? Alternatively, is it possible to be both Politically Correct and a liberal at the same time? In order to understand the peculiar contradictions of contemporary liberalism it is necessary first to understand the meaning of classical liberalism circa 1900 and the liberalism of the West in 2007.

Classical liberalism meant a belief in the democratic process, freedom of the press, freedom of expression, equality of opportunity (although never quite couched in such terms), the presumption of innocence, small government, the individual before the group, religious freedom, trial by jury, habeas corpus, the rights of the child, an obligation to help the genuinely disadvantaged in society and, generally speaking, a live and let live laissez-faire attitude. It was the product of many hundreds of years of gradual evolution encompassing Christianity, the reformation, the enlightenment, common law, the philosophy of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. It was a cause for the good and the term liberal one to be worn with pride.

How does this square with the self confessed metropolitan liberals of today? Imagine the smooth young advertising executive, hosting a dinner party, suddenly announcing to his Armani-clad coterie of media and public relations friends that, whilst holding himself up as a liberal, he disapproved of mass immigration, multiculturalism, state education’s socialist propaganda, the European Union, same-sex marriage, homosexual adoption, atheism and feminism.

As jaws dropped around the table some embarrassed diners would make their polite excuses and fumble for the keys to their cars, whilst others, white-faced and shaking with genuine anger, would accuse him of racial bigotry, sexual bigotry, nationalism, religious fundamentalism and xenophobia. Yet whilst these proud young members of the privileged, cosseted elite may believe that they and they alone hold the moral credentials that personify the term liberal, they fail to understand that all their beliefs are the antithesis of true liberalism, that they have followed a long and winding path from the classical liberalism of 1900 to that which they are today — Totalitarian and Fascistic. In short they had mutated from Classical Liberalism to Politically Correct Liberalism.

We see this in their extreme and hysterical reaction to those who disagree with them, their apparent hatred of Western civilization, of Israel, of free speech, traditional education, our history and the leaders who helped make us what we are, of religion and of America — both internally and externally. And whilst they are busy hating the very society and culture which enables them to parasitically survive and prosper we see their love affair with all the ideologies that threaten our society, manifested in pro third-world immigration, multiculturalism, radical feminism and until very recently, Communism (oh, if only they could have made their economy work), and, of course, Islam.

And here the first of their varied pathological contradictions is exposed for the sane world to see — how is it possible for them to sympathize with Islam, a political ideology that runs counter to every issue they apparently deem of transcendental importance? One of the pet words of abuse that the Liberal love to smear their opponents with is Nazi yet are they so blind they cannot differentiate between the white Nazis of 1940 that we “right wing” classical liberalists went to war with and the brown Nazis of 2007 so admired by the “left wing” liberals of today?

Just look at the comparisons; Communism was a racially supremacist, totalitarian, Messianic movement with an avowed aim of global domination; an ambition for which they were happy to use military force. They genuinely believed they were the master race and all others the sub-race. They promoted their ideology via overt propaganda in the brainwashing of their children; they wished to eradicate Jews and homosexuals; they thought women fit only for childbirth, the kitchen and the bedroom; and, finally, they thought nothing of killing their critics. Islam is… exactly the same. It is the 21st Century reincarnation of the Nazi Party and as every white European is now the new Jew or a member of the new sub-race, so Islam becomes our worst possible sweat-soaked nightmare as an enemy. And it is the Liberal’s new best friend.

Not content with ensuring that a new Nazi party is fostered and encouraged to grow within the West, the Liberal also works to ensure that his own society is traduced and destroyed from within. He does this by accepting the edicts of subversion planted by Soviet Moscow, with whose ideology and global ambitions they were not entirely unsympathetic. It says a great deal about the Liberal that he sympathized with an ideology penned by a man with an unhappy childhood and catastrophic adult life whose bearded scribbling led to a flawed revolution carried out in the wrong country at the wrong time which subsequently reduced the Soviet working man (at the expense of millions of deaths) to queuing for bread in Moscow whilst the capitalist working man was queuing for beer in Ibiza.

When the Communists were forced — purely by geographical necessity — to waylay their tanks used so successfully in the Baltic States, Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, they turned instead to the use of Western liberals as their fellow travelers/useful idiots to create economic and cultural mayhem within their own countries, as a prelude to the post anarchic emergence of their longed for Communist International. To this end Western liberals attempted to destroy blue-collar industry via Trades Union action and white-collar commerce by the ruining of education through “progressive” educational techniques. In keeping with their Soviet counterparts they sought, and still seek, to abolish religion and morality, and — via feminism — the family.

They do this, as we well know, by their capture of the media and educational establishments within which they use the same brainwashing techniques geared toward the same ends as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mao (see: Thomas Sowell, Inside American Education). The political brainwashing of children is a manifestation found only in totalitarian societies. With past dictators it was a necessity to enable permanent power; in the West today it portends a coming dictatorship — why else would they do it? Although Lenin, the propagandist ancestor of today’s BBC or CNN, was the originator of the brainwashing of children, it was difficult, given the technology of the time, to systematically brainwash the adults, but the BBC and CNN have simply taken his practice and adapted it to an international, far reaching audience, surpassing even Hitler.

Hitler, whilst adopting the Lenin’s techniques for indoctrinating children, took adult indoctrination to a whole new level, as stated by Albert Speer, Hitler’s Minister for Armaments: Hitler’s dictatorship differed in one fundamental point from all its predecessors in history. It was the first dictatorship in the present period of modern technological development, a dictatorship which made complete use of all technical means for the domination of its own country. Through technical devices like the radio and the loudspeaker, eighty million people were deprived of independent thought….” What he could have done with twenty-four hour TV does not really beg the question because CNN and the BBC are doing it anyway, subtly perhaps, but this is an even greater method — given time.

Hitler was intent on using such propaganda in order to form the Master Race, Lenin the New Socialist Man, but what exactly does the Liberal of today wish to bring about? It is not, despite his insistence, The One World, Socialist, Multicultural Man, because this is where the Liberal deviates from the slavish following of his ideological ancestors — who at least attempted to advance their own countries — and sets up the indigenous population of his own country as the hate figure to be vilified. Hate figures are always necessary in warfare or dictatorships, be it Oceania, the bourgeoisie or the Jew. The white, male, heterosexual, Judaea-Christian European now fulfils this model by dint of his imperial past and his supposed present day oppression/exploitation of non-whites, females and homosexuals.

That the lumpen masses are relatively unconcerned is due not merely to their lack of cogent reasoning but to their numerical advantage. Why should they feel threatened by people they seldom see and via media censorship, rarely hear about? But demographics suggest that the white European will become a minority all across the West within the next fifty years, in some countries even sooner. This reality, coupled with our acceptance of the type of abuse reserved historically for Hitler’s Jews and Lenin’s middle/upper-classes should cause us grave reservations. What on earth is the Liberal thinking of when he introduces “Anti-Racist” maths into school lessons or “Whiteness Studies” into university lectures? Can he not see where this leads, how can he be so blind?

Whilst they are busy beavering away at these destructive antics, the Liberal will demonize, vilify and intimidate, both verbally and physically, any opponents who stand in his way. By such repressive actions he again casts himself into the same mould as Hitler, who once said: “A systematically one sided argument must be adopted towards every problem that has to be dealt with. He must never admit that he might be wrong, or that people with a different point of view might be right. Opponents should not be argued with; they should be attacked, shouted down, or if they become too much of a nuisance, liquidated”.

The Liberal’s repressive attitude toward free speech can be seen on University campuses across the West today, even if liquidation is a step too far. Hilary Clinton was/is a firm advocate of such behavior, having immersed herself as a none-too-attractive youth in “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. Yet whilst they shout down and intimidate the defenders of Western society, they seem blissfully unaware of the destruction their policies have inflicted on the young, the poor and the elderly – the very people the Liberal purports to represent, and the future international consequences that their peculiar ideology of multiculturalism can only bring about.

It is not conservative policy that has resulted in millions of our children leaving school ill-equipped to succeed in our First World economy, and it is not conservative policy that brainwashes these children into blindness to the racial dangers they will face in later years. It is not conservative policy that causes drug-addicted lower classes to live in crime and squalor whilst the metropolitan liberal elites indulge themselves with recreational drugs, and it is not conservative policy that has bought about the destruction of the family and the serial sexual abuse perpetrated by this month’s “mummy’s new boyfriend”. It is not conservative policy that confines the elderly to their houses for fear of becoming the victims of violent, moral-free children, and it is not conservative policy that allows these feral children to have no fear of the police. It is not conservative policy that has turned the West into an outpost of Arabia and it is not conservative policy that threatens the white European with the very real possibility of eradication well before the end of this century. And finally it is not conservative policy that criminalizes any person who dares point out any of the above.

Not only is the Liberal apparently unaware of such destruction, he also appears unaware of where this will lead. This is another pathological contradiction that so assuages his ideology. By any objective analysis the path he has set Western society upon can only end in anarchy and racial based civil war, out of which must arise either an Islamic West or a counterrevolution led at best by a Pinochet, at worst a Hitler. From the cohesion and peace of the 1950’s we are descending into the bitter ideological struggles of the 1930’s Weimar Republic, the reds versus the brown-shirts, the liberal left versus the “far” right. Whichever is the winner, there can be only one absolute guarantee; the liberal infidel or the liberal traitor will be the first up against the wall. How can they be so blind?

Perhaps the answer to this lies in Tammy Bruce’s book “The Death of Right and Wrong” which ranks as a necessary read in her exposure of the damage caused by liberal ideology. Tammy Bruce was a high-ranking activist in the National Association of Women (NOW) but became so disgusted by their attitudes that she broke ranks and started to write from the compassionate “right”. She believes the driving force of the Liberal to be “Malignant Narcissism”, a mental condition attributable to childhood abuse and trauma inflicted by parents, authority figures, or peers.

Bruce quotes psychoanalyst Otto Kernberg, who describes it thus:“This pathological idealization of the self as an aggressive self clinically is called malignant narcissism. And this is very much connected with evil and with a number of clinical forms that evil takes, such as the pleasure and enjoyment in controlling others, in making them suffer, in destroying them, or the casual pleasure in using others’ trust and confidence and love to exploit them and to destroy them.”

Tammy Bruce then goes to say in her own words: “The core components of this syndrome are pathological narcissism, paranoid traits and aggression. Self-preservation, self-promotion and maintaining power are all traits that prevail in the malignant narcissist. The people and issues they supposedly serve exist only to be exploited for their own benefit”.

Bruce then concludes with this damning comment: “I have participated at both the local and national levels of NOW; I have spent time with other feminists and gay special-interest groups and their leaders; I have worked in the entertainment industry and all forms of news media; and I have worked with political campaigns for democratic candidates. I have also spent time around universities. I can say with full confidence that what I have seen driving and controlling the actions of the Left Elite in all these venues – culturally, politically and socially – is malignant narcissism. Issues are used and people exploited for the sake of power. Malignant Narcissism is the god of the Left Elite.”

One need not look far to see examples of this. Bill and Hilary Clinton, Cherie Blair, Jane Fonda, Marx and Engels, Andrea Dworkin, Germaine Greer etc. The list of liberals and dysfunctional childhoods is endless. Liberalism and mental dysfunction go hand in hand, leading to the reality that is the West today; our dysfunctional elites so consumed with virulent self-loathing that they are happy to preside over the eradication of the society they feel so damaged them. The West has become a lunatic asylum and the lunatics have taken control at all the various levels in all the various institutions that shape our future.

So, after fifty years of the ongoing, politically correct, liberal revolution what exactly has the Liberal achieved? That they have partially destroyed our race, culture, society and countries is not in question, but neither is it a result of well-intentioned incompetence. It is success on a massive scale, if you measure success as evil intent. They have caused untold hurt to the poor, the young, the vulnerable and the elderly and as they did this they utilised the propaganda and repression techniques descended directly from the two most evil empires in history, Nazism and Communism.

Their present flirtation with Islam is proof, if further proof is needed, that the appeal of brutal totalitarianism overrides their professed love of feminism and homosexuality, thereby redirecting onto themselves Hitler’s statement with regard to the liquidation of opponents: “The morally squeamish intellectual may be shocked by this kind of thing but the masses are always convinced that right is on the side of the active aggressor.”Perhaps this is why they favour the bellicose invasion of their countries via third world immigration and multicultural propaganda, but what this realistically shows is that they are consumed with such a loathing for the West and indeed themselves that they favor their own ethnic and civilisational demise and are characteristically unmoved that they will take us down with them.

To compound obscenity upon obscenity they deliberately camouflage this wanton, genocidal destruction under the banner of tolerance, diversity and equality. They are worse than the Nazis, they are treacherous Nazis. In answer to the opening question of this essay, they are not balanced, sane people, and they are not liberals. Their actions speak louder than their mendacious words; they are self-hating malignant narcissists. To call them liberal is as duplicitously self-serving as were a genuine Nazi to promulgate the same views he held in 1940 yet call himself a liberal today. Politically correct liberalism IS Nazism coupled with Communism, whilst classical liberalism is the ideology of we right wing opponents. They are insane, or so utterly evil that that in itself is a form of insanity.


The intellectuals of the supposed political “right” are not by nature terribly interested in politics. They were never radicals, activists or wannabe revolutionaries. That they exist today is purely a reaction to the Liberal’s attempts to bring down the society in which they live. Without them I would suggest that the vast majority of them would be content to mow the lawns, raise families, pay taxes, give to charity and support benign political parties. YOU the Liberal have made them what they are today; YOU the Liberal have bought them into existence. Just as a peaceful man may be driven to assault a pedophile that molests his child, so they exist as a counter to the ongoing damage to their countries and by default our children and future children. Your belief that they will go quietly into the night is only further evidence of your arrogant disconnection from reality or sanity.

But now, with the advent of the Internet they have access to information that validates what was suspected but could not be proved, and the means of using this information to spread and facilitate a defense. The liberals can no longer censor them out of insane destruction of countries and cultures. They have apparently lost grip on the means of information and if they still think that they are the self righteously angry defenders of the oppressed, well, they have not seen anything yet. They have no idea how oppressed they make people feel, how angry people are, or how many they number. This justifiable anger is directed principally at the malignant narcissist liberal whose intention has always been to destroy, but the middle class liberals filled not with hatred but with well-intentioned guilt must understand that they have been duped, their alliance with politically correct liberalism is just as destructive, and people have had enough.

The Liberals must understand that the people whose race and culture is being slowly swept away by politically correct liberalism are the very people who built the civilization they have inherited. If this civilization were to die we would become a tribal Iraq, Somalia or Yugoslavia. So I implore them, recognize the reality of what is happening, reappraise your idea of liberalism and channel your guilt not into the past but into the future, the guilt you would surely feel — you must surely feel — if you allowed your children and your grandchildren to inherit a Third World society, with all that implies, brought about by you — The Liberal.

Revisiting Churchill on Democracy

If Obama had been President in 1933, would he have condemned the German military if they had staged a coup against Adolf Hitler? One would hope so, but given Obama’s actions on Egypt it’s far from clear.

We know Obama is not keen on Democracy given repeated statements that he wished he didn’t have to deal with Congress and that ruling America the way Chinese Communist dictators rule China would be so much easier.

Yet he seems strangely enamored with the Democratic process in Egypt; a feeling that was completely lacking when Iranians were trying to start a Persian Spring in Iran; then Obama was silent.

Part of the problem is the infatuation of so many in America with the concept that Democracy is always right. But we know from history that that is not the case.

That the majority of Germans supported Hitler does not mean that he was right. A coup by the military would have prevented both WW II and the Holocaust.

Even in America, it took a war to end the horror of slavery, since the democratically elected officials would not end it.

It’s good to read the entirety of the famous quote by Churchill on Democracy

“Many forms of Government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

The simple fact is that while democracy is not perfect it is the best form of government we know of in most cases; but not in all cases. So long as everyone in a country is reasonable, democracy is great. But as soon as the majority begins to believe it can persecute or oppress the minority democracy becomes problematic at best. American Founding Fathers realized that, which is why they created the Senate and wrote a Constitution that dramatically limited the power of government.

In Egypt, the democratically-elected government was a party that believes that all should be Muslims and those who refuse to convert need to be oppressed and taxed differently. Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood supports Sharia law that discriminates against non-Muslims — and women. The Muslim Brotherhood is supportive of terrorism and hates Christians and Jews. They’ve been accused of killing political opponents and have a history of using violence.

Essentially, the Muslim Brotherhood is the epitome of all that is wrong with radical Islam; they make the Crusaders look like Neville Chamberlin.

Yet Obama, and many Americans, are all upset that Democracy has been thwarted. Democracy is a process whereby people of good will can resolve differences peacefully. It’s not a tool to wrap intolerant and oppressive groups like the Muslim Brotherhood in a cloak of legitimacy.

The surge of attack on Christian Churches, rather than on the military that are killing Muslim Brotherhood members, is a sign of both the cowardice of the Muslim Brotherhood — the Churches don’t have guns but the Egyptian Army does — and the hatred Muslim Brotherhood members hold for Christians.

The Muslim Brotherhood is not good for Egypt — look at the mess Islamist governments have created whenever they’ve been in power — and they’re not good for the rest of the world. It’s never good to have any country run by violent, terrorist-supporting, intolerant bigots.

Most Americans, when presented with the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood, will probably recognize the obvious — a well-oiled political machine managed to win an election because everyone else was less well organized and less ruthless — Chicago, anyone? –but Obama already knows that so why is he so hesitant to support an end to Islamic fanaticism in Egypt?

It may be Obama is just so emotionally entangled with the thought of democracy that he can’t see it’s not the right solution when the majority wants to kill or oppress the minority. Or maybe he thinks it will hurt his ratings in America if he opposes “democracy” in Egypt — Heaven only knows that Obama has had little success explaining anything to the American people.

Or it may be that Obama actually doesn’t see the Muslim Brotherhood as bad. Perhaps Obama believes that Christians should be willing to ride in the back of the bus in Muslim-run countries; he’s certainly never done anything significant to use the love he believes Muslims hold for him to reduce the oppression of Christians in Muslim lands.

Obama is consistent. In every country where Obama has supported the Arab Spring the country has turned from being either an ally or a friend of the U.S. to either an enemy or a safe zone for terrorists. In Iran, soon to be nuclear threat to the U.S., however, Obama was totally silent to demands for true democracy. Perhaps Obama thinks that Islam is the wave of the future, at least in the Middle East, and that our best bet is to ensure that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

But by Muslim definition, all those pesky Coptic Christians in Egypt slander the prophet of Islam as does the Declaration of Independence. That leaves one wondering how fanatics can be stopped under Obama rules once they become the majority in a democracy and how the minority can protect themselves against the majority.

But in the end, it may just be that, as with all liberals, Obama is unwilling to acknowledge the existence of evil in the world. The core of liberal foreign policy, from Chamberlin to Obama, is that conflicts are due to miscommunication and that if we could all just talk we’d find mutually agreeable, and peaceful, solutions to any international differences.

As the Holocaust, communist aggression, and the current extremist Muslim war against all non-Muslims have shown, there are always men who want what is not theirs and have no compunction about oppressing or killing all who stand in their way.

At some level liberals realize that radical Muslims like the Muslim Brotherhood are not like the Tea Party — after all liberals know enough to not mock Muhammad the way they mock Jesus because liberals know Muslims will kill you and Tea Party Christians won’t — but they haven’t managed to let that subconscious realization bubble to the surface of their actions.

When a democratically-elected government in some foreign country doesn’t like us, we have an obligation to honor their election as the will of their people. But we never have an obligation to honor that which is evil.

Most of what we in America disagree on is not objectively evil, abortion being one of the few exceptions, and most democratically-elected foreign governments who are not friends of the U.S. are not evil, but the Muslim Brotherhoods expansionist and hate-filled religious fanaticism is evil.

It’s time to say that yes, democracy is great, but that a democracy run by bullies and haters intent on killing or oppressing all those that object to the ruling party is no democracy.

A no-win situation for Tibet

Way back when I was a young student, a controversy raged in India – and I also came across a large number of newspaper articles written just after Mao Zedong’s People’s Liberation Army invaded Tibet in October 1950. That was my first exposure to international affairs, followed by Suez canal’s nationalization followed by invasion of Egypt by UK, ,France and Israel. Coming back to Tibet,  It was fascinating to go through these clippings and an eye opener to discover what impressions and perspectives senior correspondents and Tibet ‘experts’ viewed the Land of Snows at this crucial time of Tibetan history.

One of the issues touched upon by the French Press during this period (between October 25 and November 10, 1950) was: ‘Is Tibet a Paradise?’  At the same time, the debate was raging in India: should India accept Tibet’s invasion without a word?

In Parliament, the then jan Singh leader Shyama Prasad Mookerjee suggested that India should strengthen her borders, especially in view of ‘the incorporation of Assam and Ladakh in the Chinese maps’. He warned the House that it was clear from the Chinese notes sent to justify the invasion that “China will do everything necessary for the purpose of keeping intact what it considers to be China’s border and when it refers to Chinese border, it includes Tibet as well and the ‘undefined boundary’ of Tibet so far, as it touches Indian border.”

Nehru remained philosophical. He said that there was a tremendous change in Asia. He could not say if it was good or bad — human values were not what they used to be: “I wonder whether anything of value in life will remain for sensitive individuals”. He reminded the House that China was a big nation which could not be ignored. Ultimately, Nehru did not do anything, letting China ‘liberate’ the Roof of the World.

To come back to my clippings, I came across several odd descriptions of Tibet, but one of the strangest was in an article in Combat, a newspaper founded during the WWII by the French resistance. It explained to its readers that the invasion of Tibet was not an ordinary invasion, there was something more behind it: “For the lovers of signs and occult connections, the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese troops takes a particularly important meaning.”

The journalist expounded his ‘inner’ theory about the remnants of the Atlantis civilisation: “Tibet has a very special place in the Atlantis tradition. According to this tradition, the Atlantis, the motherland of a supremely wise and powerful humanity, kept the secrets of a communion with the spirit and the living matter which we have lost and which modern technology is powerless to recover.” That sounds surrealistic and was not of great help for the Tibetans.

Le Parisien Libéré resumed the situation more prosaically: “[Compared] to other parts of the world, Tibet has an inappreciable advantage: One can say anything without worrying about being contradicted. The reason for this is simple: The best informed people know only the boundaries. Only the rarest of the travellers, exceptionally brave, went through this land. They can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Nobody really penetrated Tibet.”

Many journalists concluded that with the invasion of Tibet, a world was disappearing: A world of wisdom living outside time and space. A few ‘Leftist’ newspapers dreamt of another myth.  They believed that Communist China would bring a ‘true liberation’ to the people of Tibet who were eagerly waiting for them in order to start a new life, a free and ‘socialist’ life. The Communist Le Soir commented: “As for the Tibetan farmer, no one can doubt that he envisages with joy to leave the rank of a slave and become a free man. Though it was announced that the PLA would have to fight very hard to enter Tibet, they had already reached Lhasa. On their way, they received an enthusiastic welcome of the newly freed people.”

But for most of the authors/journalists Tibet was a paradise.  A French explorer André Guilbaud had, however, warned that the ‘paradise’ might not last forever: “Tibet, though protected by high mountains and boreal climate, has escaped [the fate] of other peoples; it is improbable that this anachronism will last very long.” Guilbaud spoke about the first signs of the vanishing of a very old past which is now on the death row. Will this past be replaced by something better? Time is certainly not too far away when it will be possible to enter Tibet by car or by plane. Then the lamaist civilisation will die.

Guilbaud probably did not foresee 15 million Han Chinese ‘descending’ on Lhasa every year. Today, Tibet is on the way to become a ‘paradise’ again. This time it is not a mythic paradise, or a paradise for Han tourists, but a fiscal paradise. According to Simon Rabinovitch of The Financial Times (FT), ‘Tibet opens up as new domestic tax haven’.

The London newspaper explains: “Cayman Islands, step aside. Private equity funds looking to cut their tax bills have a new option some 3,600 metres above sea level at the foot of the Himalayas. The only catch is, they will be playing a role in China’s strategy to tighten its grip on Tibet.” Lhoka Prefecture in Southern Tibet (north of Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan) has decided to offer great tax breaks and ‘other sweeteners in an attempt to make itself a home for private equity funds and investment companies’.

The FT asserts that Lhoka is unusually aggressive: “The enticements for private equity funds to set up shop in Tibet are part of the Chinese Government’s push to develop the region’s economy at the same time as establishing firmer control over it.” Wang Jinghe, a lawyer from Shanghai told the FT: “Many places throughout China, especially big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, have been offering preferential policies to private equity firms. But over the past year, lots more investors have been mentioning Tibet and talking about moving there”.

Paradise should the Tibetans favour? The mythic paradise? The tourist paradise or the fiscal paradise? A no-win situation! But that is not all, according to the statistics released by China’s Development and Reform Commission, in the neighbouring Nyingchi Prefecture (also north of Arunachal), from January to June of 2013, about 347.7 million US Dollars have been invested in the key projects. It is a year-on-year growth of 115  per cent. The 12th Five-Year Plan says that 129 projects amounting for 6.4 billion US Dollars will be taken up between 2011 and 2015 in the Prefecture; it includes 4.3 billion US Dollars of planned investment. A ‘development’ paradise at India’s gate!

7 reasons why Rupee is currently world’s fourth weakest currency

The rapidly falling Indian Rupee is a matter of concern not only for Indians, but also for investors. Till now, the foreign investors who invested in India till 2003 have lost 33% of their equity.  How far will it go? In fact, it looks as if India is going to catch with Pakistan and both these south Asians currencies shall soon be in situation when one rupee equals one cent. Pakistani rupee is already nearing that status and Indian rupee is fast approaching that level.

Despite measures by RBI, the Rupee still remains volatile, as it is sitting at 64.44 in comparison to Tuesday’s 64.05 against the US Dollar. But one cannot rule out that the rupee remains in bad health with no sign of recuperating any time soon and high fiscal deficit has further added woes to the economy. Experts feel that the prime fault for these economic conditions rest at the doorsteps of the Congress-led UPA Government since acute policy paralysis for long periods of time, high levels of corruption and bad plans of social benefit programs have been the main cause for these conditions.

Onion prices have turned hot potatoes with prices touching Rs 80 per kg in most of the cities. The vegetable prices touched 11.91 per cent in July due to incessant rains and floods, which affected crops in some States. The Rupee on the other hand, has dropped by over 12 per cent since May. Currently, it is struggling at all-time low at Rs 64 and market mayhem continues as some of the stock prices are cheaper than onion. The fiscal deficit is no good news for the economy. Current Account Deficit (CAD) is near red line as it touched a record high of 4.8 per cent of GDP in the current fiscal year.

According to the recent Morgan Stanley report, the economy is on the verge of plunging to pre-liberalisation era of growth rate and GDP may slump to 3.4 to 4 per cent as the weak trend continues. The report further adds that this trend will make the economy more vulnerable and if the trend continues the rupee may slip further to 65 against US Dollar. Meanwhile, rating agency Moody’s said that depreciating value of the domestic currency is likely to inflate the fuel subsidy bill and will further put pressure on the fiscal deficit. In addition, Deutsche Bank cites that the Rupee may touch 70 mark against the US Dollar in a month’s time.

According to some rating agency reports, the Indian Rupee is currently the fourth weakest currency in the world which is a matter of concern for the Government.


Here are some of the factors which led to weakening of rupee:

1 Foreign Direct Investment: After several debates and delay, the Government finally allowed investment in the retail sector and several other sectors, including civil aviation, telecom, defence, but at the same time, delay in bringing such reforms witnessed withdrawal of major projects by global giants like ArcelorMittal and Posco. Due to long delay in land acquisition, corruption and adverse market conditions, steel major POSCO scrapped the proposed 6 million tonnes of steel plant in Karnataka. It was followed by ArcelorMittal that also scrapped its $12 billion (Rs 50,000 crore) steel plant project which it was planning to set up in Odisha.

2 Withdrawal of US stimulus: Earlier in June, when the US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke announced that US will withdraw stimulus from foreign countries, dollar demand surged as foreign investors withdrew their investment from the Indian market in search of profitable return in developed economies. As a result, economic crisis continued with Rupee slumping to all-time low and no country willing to invest in India.

3 Foreign Institutional Investment (FII): Foreign investors have pulled out nearly Rs 18,500 crore (about $3 billion) from the Indian market as Rupee continues to tumble and the economy is unlikely to see any recovery in the second half of the downturn with withdrawal of investment from abroad.

4 Recovery of Europe and Japan: The Eurozone debt crisis is also expected to move onto a positive territory as a result, the investment will be attracted to European nations. On the other hand, Japan recovered well with the highest level of exports since July 2010.

5 Current Account Deficit(CAD): The fiscal deficit is no good news for the economy. Current Account Deficit (CAD) is near red line as it touched a record high of 4.8 per cent of GDP in the current fiscal year.

6 Strengthening of dollar overseas: The US economy recovered with speculations that Federal Reserve will withdraw its stimulus package which strengthened the Dollar against Rupee.

7 Low GDP: Overall, the Indian economy remains in bad health with low GDP and slowdown in manufacturing, mining and agricultural sectors. Within a week, Index of Industrial Production(IIP) contracted to 2.2 per cent, demanding a cut in interest rates to revive demand and to fast-track implementation of large projects to boost economic growth. Seeing the pathetic state of economy, experts also feel that the factor like low GDP, high inflation, weak rupee and low IIP is a signal of recession and if this recession is not rectified the economy can enter into a state of stagflation where growth of economy stagnates and inflation is extremely high.

$6.1Trillion Stimulus Later Economy’s Not Bigger, Faster or Stronger

For staggering sum of $47 trillion dollars, one would think that perhaps this administration could afford a soundtrack under their reckless spending, like the 1970’s Bionic Man had when his binary powers took over.

An original-score sound bed would add drama and color to the spending. The theatrical effect would be that it would make us feel like the spending was doing something.

Instead, all Obama got us was the royalty-free laugh track.

Through 2023 the Office of Management and Budget reports that the accumulated spending by the federal government since the One took over will be $46.5 trillion under Obama’s budget plan.

That’s no laughing matter.

Because that number is why unemployment- real unemployment, not the headline number- remains higher than at any time since the Great Depression, five years after the stock market melted down.

Official employment underutilization hovers around 14 percent, but according to ShadowStats underemployment, as it was calculated prior to 1994, hovers just under 25 percent.

$6.1 trillion has been added to the national debt since Obama took over and it has bought no jobs, no recovery for Main Street.

This year total government spending will be about $6.4 trillion.

Assuming our GDP is somewhere around $16.5 trillion this year, government spending-to-GDP will come out at about 39 percent of GDP. From 1938 through 1944, the height of the New Deal AND the war effort, federal government spending was only 26.5 percent of GDP.

Whatever it was that cured unemployment in the wake of the Great Depression, it wasn’t government spending per se.

And that’s true today as we try to spend our way to prosperity.

Look, in World War II twenty million men were largely drafted into uniform who otherwise would have been in the job market. And those men in uniform provided real economic value.

What was the value to the United States economy of a free Europe and Asia?

It apparently had a lot value, because the US economy was able to absorb those twenty million men after the war. At the same time, Harry Truman was able to cut federal government spending from 1945 by almost 70 percent by 1948 with an unemployment rate that was under 4 percent.

Today we are crying about a 2 percent cut in government spending.

In part that’s because the only return that we have gotten on our $6.1 trillion investment in government is bigger government.

The markets, the banks, financial services and capital-intensive industries like autos and housing are making profits, sure, but the regular guy on the street has not benefited.

That’s because the money that the government spent this time around didn’t go to value-creating activities like freeing occupied Europe.

It’s more like it ensured the enslavement of Americans.

The auto industry, to the extent is has been saved, has been saved by people buying cars, not because car companies were given a bailout.

If GM went under, the remaining car companies would have picked up the sales slack and perhaps have gotten healthy earlier. That isn’t to say that the autos are all that healthy. They would be much healthier today if GM had gone through traditional bankruptcy. In essence GM went through a bankruptcy proceeding where Barack Obama presided as judge. The malinvestment that continues thereby remains at GM.

And if the economy falters, GM will be the first to go.

As to banking, Obama’s process of closing banks, started under Bush, and then consolidating bad loan portfolios while imposing Dodd-Frank bank “reform” on the remaining banks, did nothing to make the crisis better.

It made it worse.

We now have a more fragile banking system, less robust, with more concentrated assets. It too will face a crisis is this fragile economy falters. Rather than face the music, both parties have attempted to bribe their way through the last 15 years by complex regulation, tax code evasions, shifts and stratagems.

The viewing audience stopped laughing a long time ago, hence the royalty-free laugh track. This economy isn’t like the economy in 1946. It doesn’t provide freedom to the oppressed; it oppresses the free.

Don’t laugh: The job numbers prove it.

Fascism at its Finest: Or Reincarnation of Nero: Nero fiddled, Obama golfed. Rome burned, the U.S. is burning.

I have implied that the President of the United States is slowly, but surely showing strains of being fascist. But maybe he is a modernized version of the legendary Roam ruler who was busy fiddling while the city was burning. The pro and con debate revolves around the very definition of the term “fascist” itself.  Well-known historical author Richard Griffiths argued that fascism is the “most misused and over-used word of our times.” He goes on to state that from an economic standpoint, to be precise, believe “that a fascist is someone with no particular belief system, they only believe in whatever is expedient at the moment.  In addition, according to fascism, everything is done for the benefit of the state to the exclusion of the individual.  Unfortunately, most people’s idea of fascism begins and ends with either Hitler or Mussolini — and boxcars and blitzkriegs.  When in reality, the Roman Empire could be considered to be the originator of the word “fascist.”  

Flying across the internet waves recently was a young ex-Illinois Senator’s speech from 2007 which seemed to be addressing the actions of President Obama.  Yet, it was the very presidential candidate Obama who said, “This administration (George W. Bush) also puts forward a false choice between the liberties we cherish and the security we demand.”  Candidate Obama also added, “Ignoring the law when it is inconvenient.”  You might even say that candidate Obama echoed the words of Ben Franklin who once stated, “Those who give up freedom for security neither deserve freedom or security.”  In addition, by recently declaring, “Our Constitution works,” it’s quite obvious that President Obama didn’t anticipate all the negative repercussions from Operation Fast and Furious, the IRS “targeting” scandal, the AP phone hacking dilemma, and the NSA surveillance program.  Candidate Obama also proclaimed, “The law is not subject to the whims of stubborn rulers, and justice is not arbitrary.”  Indeed, these types of messages were very self-serving for candidate Obama, but as President Obama, the familiar song is, “To keep the American people safe and concerns about privacy…there are some tradeoffs involved.”  Not long ago, President Obama also said, “You can complain about big brother…I think we’ve struck the right balance,” and added, “Personal intrusion is only moderate.”  

History has definitely proven that fascism — hidden and in its infancy — is one of the favorite songs of the general public.  Is it any different this time? 

America’s Nero

In Roman history, few emperors are as reviled as Nero, who famously fiddled while the beautiful city of Rome burned. Most historians believe Nero allowed the city to burn so there would be space for his own grand palace. In the end, Nero was undone by his pettiness; his tyranny and his extravagance.

Thankfully, America does not have an emperor; it does have a public servant in the highest office.  The President is responsible for his or her actions and stands before the voters every four years. The current President, Barack Obama, was elected twice and now does not have to worry about his approval ratings or another election. He is term limited and free to pursue his liberal agenda to his heart’s content.

He is also free to enjoy the perks of the highest office without suffering the wrath of the voters.

This week, as his country is in the midst of a poor economy and his citizens are not allowed to visit the White House because of budget cuts, the President and his family will be taking another extravagant vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, the playground of the rich.  The Obama family enjoys the lifestyles of the rich and famous and has vacationed in exotic locales like Mexico, Bahamas, Aspen, Palm Beach, New York, Hawaii, Spain, and Africa to name only a few.

President Obama has just returned from a $100 million trip to Africa. While there was “official business” to conduct on this visit, there was also plenty of time for sightseeing. No need to worry about any “official business” at Martha’s Vineyard. The First Family will be enjoying the sights, while the President will be enjoying the golf course. They will be staying in an $8 million mansion, owned by a Democratic activist and donor.

Who knows how much this will cost the American taxpayer? It costs $180,000 per hour to operate Air Force One and the Secret Service entourage is extensive and expensive.  During a recent trip to Hawaii, the two day hotel costs for agents was an eye popping $83,000.  

The President will be traveling while American embassies remain closed in the Middle East, its relationship with Russia is at a crisis point and his fellow Americans are reeling from the effects of his economic policies. As he plays golf, there is still a budget stalemate with Congress, forcing the Defense Department and many other federal agencies to furlough employees.

In the last jobs report, 37,000 more Americans left the workforce altogether, joining 90 million Americans who are either unable or unwilling to find gainful employment in the Obama economy. A record 47.5 million Americans are now receiving food stamps, while millions of others receive some type of government assistance.  

Of all of the jobs that have been created during the Obama years, an amazing 77% have been part-time positions, which hardly providing adequate wages to raise a family in this tough economy.  With these long term problems impacting the labor force, it is more than ironic that the President disbanded his Jobs Council.

At this point, it would be a show of solidarity with Americans if the President and his family toned down their extravagant lifestyle, which is provided by beleaguered taxpayers.

Of course, the Obama family does not feel such concern for their fellow citizens. They will continue to soak the taxpayers until the final hours of the President’s term. Therefore, Congress should pass legislation which limits the budget for presidential vacations, so the taxpayers are not funding an American version of royalty.

 20 Questions Americans Would Be Asking Barack Obama If He Were A Republican

If the mainstream media were a college class, Republicans would be taking advanced calculus taught by a short tempered professor from South Korea with bad English, while Democrats would be taking remedial reading pass/fail. In other words, as long as liberals don’t do anything to embarrass the Democrat Party, they get treated with kid gloves while all Republicans should assume reporters would just as soon punch them in the throat as ask them a question. What this means is that Obama seldom has to deal with tough questions a Republican in his shoes would have to hear asked on an almost daily basis. That was the case in 2008, it was the case in 2012 and it’s still the case today. Whether you’re talking about press conferences, cable news shows, or the editorial pages, Barack Obama should be hit with questions like these on a regular basis until he comes up with some real answers instead of stonewalling or ignoring them until they’re heard no more.

1) Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan “described himself as mujahedeen” and yelled “Allahu Akbar” as he murdered 13 of his fellow soldiers. As Commander-In-Chief, do you agree with the Department of Defense report that labeled that killing as“workplace violence” or was that an act of terrorism?

2) Do you regret aggravating racial tensions in America by inserting yourself into the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case by saying, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon?”

3) Americans died in Benghazi and it’s a “phony scandal” — Would you tell a mother who lost a son there that it was a “phony scandal?”

4) If it’s legal for you to unilaterally delay the implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate without Congress having a say, couldn’t a Republican President legally choose to unilaterally delay or stop the entire bill?

5) How can the American people trust the federal government to have their private data on file when we already know unreliable people like Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are being given access to that data? Beyond that, given that your administration has refused to come clean about what you’re doing and has been caught lying on more than a few different issues, how can the American people just take your word for it when you say that private information about American citizens you have no right to view isn’t being looked at anyway?

6) If Republicans send you a bill without funding for Obamacare in it, are you willing to shut down the government to fund the program?

7) Your administration is flat out refusing to enforce existing immigration law. Since that’s the case, shouldn’t the American people assume that if a comprehensive immigration bill were to pass that grants legal status to undocumented Americans in return for tough new laws, that the new laws wouldn’t be enforced either?

8) Given that the IRS has illegally targeted Tea Party groups, isn’t it reasonable for Republican groups to demand that the IRS not be allowed to participate in Obamacare?

9) Unarguably, the economy has performed extremely poorly since you became President. Do you think you’ve made any mistakes that helped cause the problem? If so, what are they?

10) Do you consider your administration’s strategy in Egypt, Syria, and Libya to be a success? If not, what did you do wrong that caused you to fail?

11) Early on in your administration, Hillary Clinton rather famously presented a button to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that was supposed to say “reset,” but actually said “overcharge.” Since the Russians are refusing to hand over Edward Snowden, is it fair to say that the “reset” failed and that relations have actually deteriorated since you took over from George Bush?

12) Are you now willing to admit that a lot of the promises made to the American people to sell the Affordable Care Act just weren’t true? Prices are going up for most people, not down. Congress is getting the cost of its care supplemented. Not everybody is going to get to keep his doctor. It goes on and on. Do you feel any attacks of conscience over all the lies that were told? Does it keep you up at night?

13) In 2008, you promised to change how things worked in Washington and bring unity to the country. Obviously you’ve failed and things have gotten very hostile between you and the Republicans in Congress. Do you believe you’ve done anything to contribute to the polarization in the country and the acrimonious relationship you have with Republicans or do you believe you haven’t made any mistakes?

14) After seeing the behavior of Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, and Bob Filner, are Americans justified in asking if your party is engaged in a war on women?

15) Many people have compared your administration to the Nixon Administration because of the stonewalling of Congress, using executive privilege to keep the truth from Congress, and because the IRS has been used against your political enemies. Do you think that it’s fair to compare your behavior to Richard Nixon’s behavior before he was almost impeached and if not, why not?

16) If Al-Qaeda has been decimated and it’s on the run, why have we had to recently close down 22 embassies and consulates because of the threat from Al-Qaeda?

17) The IRS is still flagging and holding Tea Party applications. So not only was the IRS’s behavior a problem, it still is a problem today. Why did your administration allow this to happen, why haven’t you taken action to fix the problems at the IRS, and what are you going to do to ensure that the IRS doesn’t continue to target your political opponents on your watch?

18) How do you justify going on extravagant vacations and sending hundreds of millions to the Egyptians and Palestinians when you’re cancelling Easter Egg rolls at the White House and pleading poverty because of the sequester?. Aren’t you deliberately sabotaging parts of government that are popular with the country to give the false impression that the sequester is having a serious impact on government spending?

19) To this day, we still don’t know what you were doing during the Benghazi attack, what directives you issued, why your administration lied about what was going on, whether you had good reason to have such lax security in the first place, and whether Americans troops could have potentially arrived in time to save the lives of the men who died. When is your administration going to come clean so that the families of the men who lost their lives can have some peace?

20) In 2012, you said, “We refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt. We bet on American workers and American ingenuity, and three years later, that bet is paying off in a big way.” Since Detroit has now gone bankrupt, do you think that bet is still paying off or did the American people waste billions of dollars for nothing? Do you think you deserve any blame for Detroit going bankrupt? How about unions? Are they a significant part of the problem in Detroit?

Instead of being able to answer these questions, Obama is enjoying Martha’s Vineyards and playing golf.

Fortunately, US is not a monarchy or an empire. The Americans don’t have a King or an Emperor; however, we should demand a President who is in touch with the needs of his people and aware of their condition.

This President seems hopelessly tone deaf to the economic problems in the United States, but he is very aware of vacation plans and how to make a tee time at the local golf course. 

While he has played 133 rounds of golf as President, the U.S. death toll has reached 2,260 in Afghanistan.  At home, poor economic conditions have added to the economic disparity between the rich and poor and it is no surprise that race relations have worsened since the President has done nothing to bring the races together.

Nero fiddled, Obama golfed. Rome burned, the U.S. is burning.

Islam And Music

“Allah Mighty and Majestic sent me as a guidance and mercy to believers and commanded me to do away with musical instruments, flutes, strings, crucifixes, and the affair of the pre-Islamic period of ignorance”, said Muhammad.

When non-Muslims, particularly Westerners, hear the news of Islamists burning/ vandalizing music stores in Pakistan, they get struck with disbelief. How could this be possibly true a religion prohibit music? I have been always enjoying the classical music that is a gift of Muslim musicians. The poetry of Bullah Shah and Shah Hussein, Damodar and Waris Shah, Faiz and Ludhanivi is just magical and when that poetry is put to music- that just is divine.

The courts of nawabs and enlightened kings like Akbar laid great stress on music- the food of soul and yet the die-hard Islamists say that music forbidden in Islam? Is this really so.

If the religion of Islam actually does forbid music, even the majority of devout Muslims would probably find this to be very strange and a cause for concern. Why in the world would a religion prohibit Music? Do any other minor or major religions prohibit music? What did Muhammad have to say about this matter? This article will also consider the many benefits of music.

Let’s examine what the Islamic texts and traditions have to say about this subject. The first two hadiths that we will consider have been selected from Sahih Bukhari, what, Muslims believe, to be canonical text of Islam. Muslims believe them to be authentic utterances of the Islamic prophet and should therefore be obeyed. Let me quote from Hadiths: 

Hadith: Sahih Bukhari: Volume 7, Book 69, Number 494v mentions that:

“Narrated Abu ‘Amir or Abu Malik Al-Ash’ari: that he heard the Prophet saying, “From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of musical instruments, as lawful. And there will be some people who will stay near the side of a mountain and in the evening their shepherd will come to them with their sheep and ask them for something, but they will say to him, ‘Return to us tomorrow.’ Allah will destroy them during the night and will let the mountain fall on them, and He will transform the rest of them into monkeys and pigs and they will remain so till the Day of Resurrection.”

Hadith: Sunan Abu-Dawud: Book 41, Number 4909:
“Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas’ud: Salam ibn Miskin, quoting an old man who witnessed AbuWa’il in a wedding feast, said: They began to play, amuse and sing. He united the support of his hand round his knees that were drawn up, and said: I heard Abdullah (ibn Mas’ud) say: I heard the apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) say: Singing produces hypocrisy in the heart.”

Hadith Qudsi 19:5:
“The Prophet said that Allah commanded him to destroy all the musical instruments, idols, crosses and all the trappings of ignorance.”

What is more important is what Muhammad said at different times:

  1. “Allah Mighty and Majestic sent me as a guidance and mercy to believers and commanded me to do away with musical instruments, flutes, strings, crucifixes, and the affair of the pre-Islamic period of ignorance.”
  2. “On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will pour molten lead into the ears of whoever sits listening to a songstress.”
  3. Song makes hypocrisy grow in the heart as water does herbage.”
  4. “This community will experience the swallowing up of some people by the earth, metamorphosis of some into animals, and being rained upon with stones.” Someone asked, “When will this be, O Messenger of Allah?” and he said, “When songstresses and musical instruments appear and wine is held to be lawful.”
  5. “There will be peoples of my Community who will hold fornication, silk, wine, and musical instruments to be lawful ….” — ‘Umdat al-Salik r40.0

What puritanical nonsense! If a person were to dig deep enough into the dung heap of Muhammad’s wacky utterances and bizarre behavior nearly everything could be banned! (Except of course warfare, and the all those nauseating and useless Islamic rituals that are part and parcel of the cult of Mohammedanism). The above passages are indeed bizarre and quite an insight into the strange world of Islam. Keep folks in the dark, and keep them afraid, frustrated and obedient, that was the tune that Muhammad sang. The more ignorant and primitive the Muslim, the better Muhammad could readily use them for his own ends — as foot soldiers to acquire “booty of all types.” Evidently Muhammad was also some kind of strange puritanical person opposed even to music! Why all the abnormal behavior?

 Muhammad preferred not to be asked difficult questions and often ended such inquiries abruptly. From the above hadiths and Islamic traditions we can see that Muhammad’s priority was to keep his followers focused solely on the details of his religion and then use them to kill and die for it when the time called for more booty. One of the reasons that Muslims are so obsessed with Islam and busy trying to promulgate it is because Muhammad has denied or restricted their ability to enjoy so many of the healthy and common activities of life — such as music. This is plainly obvious when one studies the reality of how Islam plays out in the real world. When Muhammad was forced to address some of the challenging questions posed to him by his followers, his answers, or verdicts, were often patently ridiculous. Even folks who call themselves Muslims must get a real chuckle out of the some of the absurdity contained within Muhammad’s Islam. 

Tragically, the condemnation of music in Muhammad’s Islam has many profoundly negative consequences. Muhammad was truly disturbed and his prohibition of music is just more proof of this. Pastimes such as music and many other social customs that are known to be good for human health are not to be partaken of or enjoyed by Muslims. Many ex-Muslims leave Islam upon learning the truth about this man Muhammad and his incredulous religion. 

In truth, to express one’s self openly and honestly is fundamental to the human experience. For centuries music has been a healthy outlet for such expression. In fact music has played a very beneficial role in human development and the civilizing of mankind. With every passing year scientists are discovering more evidence that music enhances intelligence and that it has many positive effects on human health. It is a fact that humanity in general has derived many benefits from music throughout the ages. Throughout history music has been a rich and profound cultural element to nearly all of man’s diverse cultures and billions of individuals can attest to the fact that great enjoyment and rewards can found in both the creating and listening to music. In reality, due to Muhammad’s illness(es), basically he really only cared about himself and fulfilling his selfish desires, so all of this was lost on the pathetic little fool. As we can plainly see, if one is to submit to Muhammad’s Islam they must also submit their common sense and much of their basic self-honesty.

 Muhammad’s ludicrous attitude towards music is very revealing. More obvious nonsense contained within his erroneous theology. No doubt some Muslims and Islamic apologists would be quick to point out that other passages from the Islamic texts and traditions make music Halal.

The hypocrisy is evident when the person holding the office Grand Mufti in India indulges in this. He enjoys musical concert and thereafter declares music Un-Islamic and issues a fatwa against it. How cynical!! 

The real issue here is not his hypocrisy. There are hypocrites and people who fail to live up to their religious ideals in all religions, all over the world. The real issue here is that the Sharia prohibition against music, which the Grand Mufti endorsed and applied in his fatwa, is contrary to the human spirit. It would be hard not to become a hypocrite if one actually believed in this prohibition, because music is so irresistibly attractive and so nourishing to the human soul. So the Grand Mufti shouldn’t be criticized for enjoying the concert — that’s just human nature. But the fact that he enjoyed it shows us something quite important about Sharia.

The Grand Mufti of Kashmir has been accused of hypocrisy after he was captured on film enjoying a concert months after he issued a fatwa declaring music un-Islamic.

A video clip of Grand Mufti Bashiruddin Ahmad, the ceremonial leader of Muslims in the state, apparently enjoying an evening of Kashmiri ghazals, musical poems, and Punjabi folk tunes, quickly went viral on YouTube as political leaders accused him of hypocrisy…. 

Earlier in February an all-girl rock group in Kashmir was forced to disband amid threats from Islamic militants, following the Grand Mufti’s statement. He had proclaimed: “Singing is not in accordance with Islamic teachings. Society cannot be built or developed by doing un-Islamic acts like singing. I have advised these girls, and other Muslims as well, to stay within the limits of modesty as prescribed for them.” 

This fatwa was backed by the Darul Uloom Deobandi seminary, one of the world’s most influential centers of Islamic jurisprudence. It provoked a public debate over freedom of expression in Kashmir, which, while Muslim-dominated, has traditionally been a more liberal culture than in the Arab Islamic world. 

Kashmir’s chief minister Omar Abdullah defended their right to perform following the Mufti’s fatwa, but the threats intimidated the group, called Pragaash, and its members decided to disband.

Here again we see the assumption that non-Muslims must change their behavior to conform to Muslim practices. We see this increasingly in the U.S. as well. “Hindu Women Dead & Many Hindus Injured by Muslim Mobs in Meerut for Playing Music in Temple During Ramadan,” from The Chakra, July 28. On Friday July 26, 2013, Many Hindus were injured and 2 people were killed, including a Hindu women who died when Muslim mobs rioted on Friday. In fact  Friday is the day that Muslims hold congregational prayer called Jumu’ah, usually preceded by sermons.

 The violent clashes occurred in the Nagla Mal area of Meerut, a city within the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP, and is a few hours away from the capital New Delhi. It has been reported that the violence began when groups of local Muslims were upset that a Hindu temple was playing Hindu devotional songs (bhajans) and forced the loudspeaker to be shutoff while beating a few Hindu men in the temple. Police tried to control the violent mob and is looking for the rioters involved. The governing party of Uttar Pradesh during these riots is the Samajwadi party.

Religious violence and riots are not new to Uttar Pradesh and India during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan as it is a sensitive month for many in the Muslim community. In the past few years there have been similar cases where Muslim mobs have vandalized Hindu temples and injured Hindus due to hearing Hindu religious songs on route to a Mosque or if a religious procession is passing a Hindu temple that is playing music. 

A few years prior, a major clash in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh took place between Hindus and Muslims. The rioting started on night of 5 April when according to some people, members of the Muslim community removed the decorations on a Hindu temple (it was the Hindu festival of Ram Navami) while another version as reported by some media suggests that riots started after some Muslims objected to the overnight celebration of Ram Navami. 

Evidently those condemning music are forgetting the great Bismillah Khan; and those condemning singing would blame NoorJjahan, Mallika Pukhraj, mehdi hasan and A.R.Rehman as being apostates. How ridiculous. Islam has produced great singers, great poets, mystic poets and great musicians. The anti-music group would like to consign them to dustbin of history and they take refuge under the hadiths and Muhammad’s statements. 

Verily Islam, at least strictly wahabi and fundamentalist Islam cannot permit people to enjoy the food of soul and desires to make their soul arid and barren, devoid of all beauty. 

Is ‘Moderate’ Malaysia getting radicalized?

Malaysia and Turkey were two countries that were an out-standing example of secularism, were marked by open-minded attitude and human values. These two countries were still letting their citizenry live in the manner that was peaceful and conducive growth- the manner in which King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan and Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran had made their countries oasis of modernity.  Today the dream of Kamal Ataturk lies shattered as fundamentalism is creeping steadily and corroding all those values. And this pearl in South East Asia- Malaysia- the magnet for Chinese, Thai, Indians and Tamils is slowly becoming a bastion of fundamentalism.  

I fully agree that one should never judge anything too quickly. So I took time to make up my mind about Malaysia, considered by many as an oasis of moderation among all the Muslim majority nations of this planet. Malaysia has over 60 per cent Muslims today. But a sequence of events heading towards one direction seems to be forming a trend. So now a question arises – Is the so-called moderate society of Malaysia getting radicalized by hardcore intolerant Islamists?

Let me scrutinize the events and see the direction of change.  The narration is not in any particular order. It’s just a collection of key incidents of intolerance and bigotry from Malaysia over the past seven years.

July 2013: Students forced to eat in a toilet
Outrage broke out on the internet when the non-Muslim students of a big school were literally forced to eat in a toilet during the Muslim holy month of Ramzan so they would not ‘offend’ the fasting Muslim students. This happened at the SK Seri Pristana school in Sungai Buloh of a big city Petaling Jaya. The pictures depicting non-Muslim primary school students allegedly forced to eat their recess meals in a toilet due to the ongoing Ramzan fasting month had Malaysians up in arms on the Internet. The pictures were posted by a mother by the name of Guneswari Kelly on Facebook. The photographs appear to show several non-Muslim children, and even adults, at a school named SRK Sri Pristana in Sungai Buloh taking their recess in the lavatory even as the school canteen went unoccupied. When caught, the school administration tried to bluff, but quickly got caught. Read more on that bluff here.

August 2009: Severed cow head protests against a Hindu temple
The cow head protests were held in front of the Selangor State Government headquarters at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Building, Shah Alam, Malaysia on August 28, 2009. The protest was held due to Selangor State Government’s intention to relocate a Hindu temple from Section 19 residential area of Shah Alam to Section 23. The protesters were mainly Muslims who opposed the relocation because Section 23 was a Muslim majority area. These intolerant radicals stomped on the dead cow’s head and spat on it before leaving the site. Their main aim was to insult Hindus as Hindus consider the cow a sacred animal worthy of adoration. They were also on record saying ‘there would be blood’ if a temple was constructed in Shah Alam.

By the way, it was the Government’s decision to move the Hindu temple from one section of the city to another. It was not as if some Hindus came out of nowhere to build a new temple. This showed the bigoted and intolerant face of Muslims of Malaysia.

July 2013: A couple posting pictures of eating pork on Face book may be jailed for 15 years
A non-Muslim Chinese-origin couple, Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee, posted on Facebook a photo of themselves eating pork during the Islamic month of Ramzan. They wished Happy Ramzan along with that photo. This became such a big ‘offense’ that they could now be facing up to 15 years in prison in Malaysia for, among other things, sedition! They were charged under the Sedition Act, the Film Censorship Act, and the Penal Code. Yes, you read it right. Posting pork-eating pictures from a legal restaurant of Malaysia could even lead to ‘sedition’! The couple is busy pleading not guilty as they did that just for fun. They have even uploaded a Youtube video apologizing for any hurt sensibilities.

To be fair, the Muslim dislike for pigs is to be considered. But 15 years in jail for merely posting a picture of someone smiling and eating pork at a legal restaurant? Heights of bigotry!

July 2013: Demand to expel the Vatican Ambassador for use of ‘Allah’ instead of ‘God’
Malaysia’s Government has been urged to close down the Vatican City embassy in Malaysia and expel the ambassador Archbishop Joseph Marino for interfering in domestic affairs. A coalition of Malay non-governmental organizations said that strong measures were needed against Marino.

What was Marino’s ‘crime’? He supported a local Catholic Church’s use of the word ‘Allah’ in place of ‘God’. Marino’s claim was that it would strengthen the ties of understanding between Muslims and Christians. But large-scale opposition turned the situation into the exact opposite. In India, millions of people use words like God, Deva, Allah, Khuda, Lord and Bhagawan interchangeably. So this particular action would sound a bit extreme to most Indians.

September 2010: Muslim students told not to to eat from school canteen stalls operated by Chinese-origin students
At the Convent Greelane Primary, Penang, there were instructions to Muslim students to not eat from stalls in the School Canteen operated by Chinese-origin students. The claim was that the Chinese, who ate pork, were unclean. An early start to racism — at the student level itself!

September 2010: Muslim students told not to sing ‘God Bless St Xaviers’, their school name
St Xavier’s Institution at Penang instructed Muslim students to not sing ‘God Bless St Xaviers’ as it was deemed to be in praise of a Christian Saint, and not that for the school.

August 2010: Racism against Chinese-origin students in a Kedah school
The Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Selambau head allegedly accused Chinese students of being insensitive towards their Muslim peers by eating in the school compound during Ramzan time. Also, the ‘offending’ students were ordered to return to China if they could not respect the culture of other races. This school had about 10 per cent non-Malay students. Later, apologies did come through, but imagine the plight of non-Muslim students who were asked to leave the country for merely eating in the school!

2006 and 2007: Within 16 months, 79 Hindu temples targeted
These included 73-year-old JKR Sri Muniswarar temple, 65-year-old Sri Ayyanar Sathiswary Alayam temple, more than 100-year-old Sri Selva Kaliamman temple, more than 100-year-old Sri Kaliamman temple, more than 120-year-old Kg. Jawa Mariamman temple among others. It was very obvious that very old and traditional temples of Malaysian Hindus were either threatened to be demolished or demolished forcibly.

Not only Hindu temples, but even Christian churches have been demolished. In 2006, a church at Johar was destroyed. This was a clear violation of non-Muslims’ human rights.


In summary, what is happening to ‘moderate’ Malaysia? 

Chinese-origin people are being jailed for posting pictures of eating pork on Facebook. Centuries-old Hindu temples are being demolished, that too dozens every quarter of the year. Innocent students are being forced to eat in school toilets just because they are non-Muslims. The word ‘Allah’ isn’t allowed for use by non-Muslims even for reasons of inter-faith harmony.

Is Malaysia heading in the same direction as intolerant Bangladesh or fanatic Pakistan? A pretty sad turn of events during the 21st century.